This topic came up as a suggestion for a blog topic (by Word Press). I live in the United States of America so I love how we can…

1. Force our religion and culture into any area we invade.

2. Claim another culture/country/nation’s achievements as our own.

3. Spend a billion dollars (literally) on a high-tech fighter jet when we’re over $14 trillion dollars in debt.

4. Get away with not paying off the debt we’ve had since the Revolutionary War.

5. Cover Viagra with health insurance but not birth control. (Obama’s apparently working to fix this.)

Why can we do this? BECAUSE WE’RE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DAMMIT! We’re the greatest country that’s ever graced the Earth with its presence (even though we’re barely 250 years old. That’s centuries if not a few millennia younger than every other country on the planet.) Oh. we’re the best. Not.