1. You don’t need that much talent. As long as you star in High-School Musical-like television show that has a “happy”(every bit of pun intended) title, it doesn’t matter if you never get a major motion picture role. You’ll still be making more than all of Rhode Island combined.

2. Don’t write a song about days of the week in this decade (especially not about Friday…). The Cure has already taught us about the week (mainly Friday). If you’re 14 and can’t sing, you especially should not write about, sing about, talk about, or have ANYTHING to do with Friday. (Rebecca, you should probably yank that video now)

3. Spelling your lyrics and saying your name in a song usually puts in somewhere in the Billboard Top 2o. Even though smarter people may hate you and think you’re artistically challenged, the rest of America will think you’re awesome 🙂

4. It’s completely o.k to keep adding onto a movie franchise even if there’s almost no way to incorporate a plot into it. As long as there’s robots, car explosions, Shia Lebeuf and his hot gf running around trying to save the world in SOME WAY…you’re good.

5. Seeing a talking dog interact with a homosexual, British, talking baby is COMPLETElY NORMAL. So is a woman being pregnant for 12 years…Thanks Family Guy

(I will continue to add onto this list and share with you the countless other lessons pop culture has enlightened me with)