If you have a Facebook, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, this a good reason not to have one.

Today was a long day. I dealt with screaming children at work and rude adults at my local Target. I’d finally gotten done everything that needed to be done, crawled into bed to unwind with my computer, went on Facebook and saw…

“1 friend request from (insert name here).”

I sat there for about a minute and a half, absorbing the information that was being displayed and couldn’t help but yell-


Now I don’t take a lot of time to hate people (it takes way too much energy) but this is a girl who has made an effort to annoy me from day one. She called me up last summer, even though I’d not yet met her, just to tell me I was a-not-very-nice-word and to give me tips to better myself so people would like me more.

Now I have made an effort since then to show that I don’t…well…appreciate her breathing the same air I do and I want nothing to do with her. The question is…


Is it a taunt? Or does she just not understand what kind of barrier ?

This does not only apply to Facebook. You know those kinds of people. Your co-workers, your fellow students, that woman/man that’s always taking your parking space. They make your lives just a little bit harder and then when they come face to face with you outside of that environment, it becomes “Hi! How are you? What’cha been up to?”

So what we have to worry about is what to do in such a situation. Do we ignore these people? Or do we simply tell them that they are out of their right minds?